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Hot Wheels Car Care Bucket

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Our Hot Wheels™ Bucket Deal ensures that your ride, wheels and tires are washed, waxed and protected with professional grade quality products leaving an epic shine in the least amount of time.
Car Detailing Kit; Americana Series (TM); With Three 16 Inch x 16 Inch Ultra Plush Micro Fibers/ Micro Wash Mitt/ Pro Tire Finish Foam Applicator/ Two Hot Wheels Car Care Stickers/ 20 Ounce Bottle Car Wash And Wax/ 20 Ounce Spray Bottle Detailing Spray/ 20 Ounce Spray Bottle Wheel Cleaner/ 20 Ounce Spray Bottle Tire Cleaner/ Polishing Cloth / Bone Sponge
Includes Car Wash: Yes
Includes Wheel Cleaner: Yes
Includes Tire Protectant Gel: Yes
Includes Polishing Cloth: Yes
Includes Wash Mitt: Yes
Includes Bone Sponge: Yes
Includes Interior Detailer: Yes