APR B8/B8.5 A4/S3 K04 Conversion Turbochargers

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An amazing kit that will help you reach your power goals in your A4/S3. It will give you up to 118hp and 131 lb/ft of torque in addition to the OEM power. The kit includes:

  • APR DPP ECU Upgrade Specific to the S3 K04 Turbo Conversion
  • APR Audi S3 K04 Turbocharger Assembly
  • APR High Pressure FSI Fuel Pump
  • OEM Audi S3 FSI Fuel Injectors (4x)
  • OEM Injector Install Kit (4x)
  • OEM Manifold Gasket & Nuts (5x)
  • OEM Exhaust Gasket, Bolts (3x), Washers (3x) & Nuts (2x)
  • OEM Downpipe Gasket, Studs (2x), Bolts (2x), Washers (2x) & Nuts (4x)