Circuit Cylinder 100 - M12x1.25mm Shifter Arm (Subaru STI)

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The Circuit Cylinder 100 fuses function, form and style together to create an unparalleled, performance enhancing and confidence inspiring shift knob. 

The ergonomically designed and textured cylinder grip was designed for side arm shifting and features a flattened top which provides a comfortable resting position for your thumb to maintain directional control. 

The stainless steel handle is appropriately weighted to remain delicate on your shifter linkage assembly and to prevent the numb feeling commonly found when the weight is set too high in the grip. 

The 100mm height reduces your hand’s travel distance and time between shifts while increasing your mechanical leverage and reducing the effort required for each shift throw. The Circuit Cylinder was designed to reduce fatigue during repetitive lateral arm and shoulder movement between the steering wheel and shift knob.