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02-14 WRX/04+ STI Engine Mount Kit

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PERRIN Performance engine mount kits reduce drivetrain movement under hard
acceleration, deceleration and corning. Allowing the most efficient transmission of
all available power to the ground. This means easier transitions from on and off
throttle power in daily driving, more accurate launches during drag racing and auto
cross type events where you do not want drivetrain slop. PERRIN engine mount kits
also improve reliability, as they can not tear apart like OEM mounts leading to other
drivetrain related failures.

The PERRIN Performance engine mount kit featuring Energy Suspension mounts
with a patented Interlock design. Unlike OEM and Group N mounts, the unique
shape of Energy Suspension's steel internals keep the mount from physically tearing
apart. Small oil leaks, or highly corrosive atmospheric conditions combined with
extreme temperature changes will make OEM and Group N rubber mounts brittle
and lead to failure. The PERRIN Performance engine mount kit with Energy
Suspension mounts features 75A durometer polyurethane that is impervious to oils
and other chemicals, easily outlasting the OEM mounts. 

The PERRIN engine mount kit includes upper engine mounts and lower mounting
brackets with heat shields. Most replacement mounts reuse the heavy OEM steel
bracket, but PERRIN mounts are CNC'ed 6061-T6 aluminum brackets, making a
stronger mounting surface for the stiff urethane mounts. The PERRIN engine mount
kit is ideal for those with OEM plastic type mounts as you will not need to buy
additional parts to replace faulty or cracked plastic brackets.

PERRIN engine mount kits are stiffer than stock, which adds some NVH
(noise, vibration, harshness). The polyurethane compound provides enough
vibration absorption for daily driving, yet strong enough to enhance driver
perception with the added feeling of your engine solidly connected to the chassis,
versus having that sloppy disconnected feel. 

OEM and aftermarket mounts use a stud and nut to secure the engine to the
chassis. Making removing and installing the engine into the car somewhat tricky.
The PERRIN Mounts use a bolt in place of the stud which means you do not have
to lift the engine up past the studs, or get the mounts perfectly aligned to the
transmission and subframe when installing the engine. This small detail was done
specifically for the customer who is constantly pulling the engine out to add new
part, rebuild, change clutch or any other big engine upgrade. Another PERRIN